Go-To Green Side Chip

The best shot for all golfers to use when they are close to the green, with no obstacles in the way, is a green side chip shot. Think of it this way: chipping is like putting. Use a PW, a 9 iron or an 8 iron. Here’s how: aim the club face at the target. Forward press the hands to get a little shaft lean. Play the ball in the back of your stance. Use a narrow stance and stand with comfortable, upright, relaxed posture. Keep the club head low to the ground going back and low to the ground coming through. Just like putting. Do this by swinging your shoulders and arms like a pendulum. Do not use your wrists with this shot. You want the club face pointed at the target and you want it to remain aimed at the target throughout the stroke. Keep your grip pressure soft at the start, soft during your stroke and soft as you finish. Amateurs tend to tighten up their hands as the club approaches impact. Keep your grip soft!

Remember that chipping is like putting, so use this confidently as a go-to shot around the green. Enjoy!