Grip pressure 101

We have all heard it said and we have all said it: Starting with a good grip is the foundation of a good swing.
Subsequently, how tight or loose you hold the club can have a huge impact on your swing. We have heard “grip it like a little bird” or “grip it like a tube of toothpaste”. On the other hand, Bryson DeChambeau says he grips it very firmly. Of course, he swings very, very hard.

In my 40 years, I see people struggle with getting the club properly in the left hand and then this is compounded by gripping it way too tightly. If you believe that the club should be swung and not a series of complicated body movements, then good grip pressure should be similar to holding a steering wheel of your car, not in rush hour but on a pleasant drive.

Ultimately, we are looking for effortless power and not powerless effort!