Hands/Grip Lead

To take a divot in FRONT of the ball you need to understand why you either hit the ground first or don’t hit the ground at all.
The two biggest reasons this happens are: players try to help the ball in the air–to do this they try to swing the head end of the club and not the grip. This causes the head to pass the grip early on the downswing causing the club to bottom out way too soon. Or they don’t shift weight properly and hit everything off their back foot.

To get the right feeling you have to start very small. Draw a line perpendicular to your target line. Take an 8 or 9 iron–set the weight about 65% on the front foot and leave it there, set up with the line in the middle of a very narrow stance with the hands slightly ahead of the club head. Start making very small chip swings without a ball, keeping the hands in front of the clubhead try to brush the ground IN FRONT of that line. Gradually start making the swings a little bigger–up to waist high–but DO NOT let the weight leave the front foot. As you start seeing your brush marks in front of the line every time put a ball on a tee on the line and continue with the same swings as without a ball.

Bottom line–the weight has to shift into the front leg and the grip/hands have to stay in front of the clubhead. Look in the picture how much Tiger has shifted his weight from the backswing to impact position and how his hands are in front of the clubhead at impact.