Having trouble compressing the golf ball?

Do your hands hurt after hitting a poor golf shot? Do you find your weight on the back foot at the end of your swing? If so, chances are you are trying to lift the golf ball into the air. Golf instructors will throw out technical terms like “casting”, “flipping”, or “stalling”. What does it mean, and how can we fix it?

These three drills can help you hit down and through the golf shot, getting your weight in the proper place and flushing your iron shots. Number one, put your feet together and move your trail foot behind your lead foot (make sure the trail foot is on its tippy toe). Someone standing behind you should be able to see all the cleats on your trail shoe. Now, hit half-swing golf shots. Down and through with a little divot, right? Great job!

Now, drill number two. Set up with a regular stance and hit half-swing golf shots. Can you raise your trail foot after your swing is complete? If so, great! You are now transferring your weight correctly!

Lastly, we’ll need your golf towel. Place it two inches behind your golf ball. Now, hit some half-swing golf shots. If you miss the towel, you’re striking it well!

Good luck and don’t forget to download the Swing Essentials Golf App!