While most advice given is given with good intent, it is often either incorrectly or is just wrong most of the time. One piece of advice often given is “keep your head down and eye on the ball”. When you realize that there are many blind golfer’s the eye on the ball part kinda doesn’t make sense. In our sport- the ball isn’t moving like it is in ping pong or tennis so it’s not avoiding being hit. In 20 years of teaching and thousands of lessons I have never seen anyone actually pull their head up. What most players do is lose their posture or they early extend, which is moving their lower body toward the ball either on their back swing or on the down swing causing them to stand up. This is usually caused more by physical reasons such as tight back tight hamstrings etc. Over swinging can also cause this. So work on strengthening your core, hold your posture or shorten your back swing.