Here is my favorite "4 foot" drill.

You need 3 golf tees. Place 1 tee at the toe of the putter. Place 1 tee at the heel of the putter. Creating a gate. Place the last tee directly behind the putter on the intend line of putt (to restrict the backswing-NO backswing allow!). Then push the ball into the hole. This will develop face control which is highly important from 4 feet and closer. After 10 push makes. Place the back tee 1 putter head away from the “gate,” begin the push drill again. Still no backswing just place the putter further away from the ball. After another 10 makes place the back tee 2 putter heads away from “gate.” Repeat drill. This will develop better competence in face control for putts inside 4 feet.