He's Unique

Putting is very personal and there are really no musts in putting. One thing I think is very important is good posture–you don’t see any tour players today–PGA or LPGA–who have bad posture when putting. Here’s what I’ll say about Bryson’s style:

1. It works for him. As I mentioned there are no musts–find a way to putt that you can do successfully and stick with it.

2. He has fairly good posture–a little tall and erect but the bottom line is it takes a lot of strain off his legs, hips and especially his back. All this allows him to stay still over the putt and also allows him to practice for long periods of time without that strain.

3. His left wrist does not break down. This is one reason why a lot of folks have gone to left hand low (or right hand low for left handers). If the left wrist doesn’t break down it’s much easier to control the speed, hit solid putts and have a square club face at impact.

Bottom line is this: There a millions of ways to putt, a lot of different styles of putters and many ways to grip the club. Find a putter you can aim, get in a comfortable posture, develop a consistent routine, think you can make everything and LOVE TO PUTT!