His decision to reach out to Pete Cowen was a great decision.

It has been well documented that Gary has had a rough time personally over the last two years coping with the loss of one of their unborn twins. We look at these golf superstars as inhuman as to the things they can make a golf ball do, but this tragedy shows us the “real” side of him. The loss of the baby I believe took a toll on Gary.

We all knew that Gary could hit it with the best of them but something was missing. He was constantly at the top of the leaderboard thru 36 and 54 holes only to make that crucial bogey or two coming down the stretch. It was obvious to him that his short game must get better if he wanted to win big events.

I think we all saw this past weekend that his decision to reach out to Pete Cowen was a great decision. The short game guru was just what he needed to get over the hump. I was told as a junior golfer by my dad “anyone can hit it long and straight, not everyone can get the ball up and down”. We witnessed that same thing this past weekend on those crucial holes that Gary needed to make that crucial par save, that had haunted him in the years before.

Congratulations Gary! Well played!