Hitting the middle of the ball…

Good afternoon,

The big 3 need to be addressed once again…

1. Grip position
2. Posture ( including distance from the ball)
3. Alignment

Those golfers that tend to impact the center of the ball tend to grip the club with a weak to neutral grip which can cause the club to shorten during the downswing due to poor arm rotation. Rounded posture ( C posture ) can cause the golfer to use the arms and have less ability to rotate on center due to poor posture causing the ball to be hit “thin”.

Having poor alignment to the right of target can cause the lead leg & hip to raise up at impact causing the ball to be struck in the middle. A suggestion to everyone is to do some mirror work both face on and down the line and check that the body lines are correct. After all, “the only control you have over the ball is, before you hit it”. Set up better for better results.