Hold tryouts

For an accomplished player with good fundamentals( Solid posture and square set up, eyes above the ball, etc) I recommend hold tryouts for the “putter position” without brand loyalty and see what looks, feels, and performs the best. An example: the number of made three footers in a row, the number of made putts out of ten 10 footers, the number of long lags within a foot out of five attempts, etc.
This will give you a reasonable idea of how that magic wand will perform when it counts on the course. Further, I recommend you find the right one and stick with it. The value of using the same putter for a long time cannot be overstated. Learning your tendencies and building confidence takes practice and time!!!! I do recommend center shafted and an upright lie when selecting a putter.
For new players, a 30-minute putting lesson/fitting session with a PGA Professional or qualified teaching Pro will make a world of difference, and the game much more enjoyable and satisfying.