How to draw the ball

When you want to curve your shot from right to left, as a right hander, then you have a “draw shot” in mind. Here’s how: Aim your stance 5 yards to the right of your target line. Close your shoulders and your hips, so that they are also 5 yards to the right of the target line. Swing the golf club back, low to the ground, along the line of your stance. This is called, “swinging from the inside.“ On the downswing, swing back down on that same line (that you took the club back on), and swing out, as you finish, 5 yards to the right of the target. This is called “swinging inside – out.“ Most importantly, at impact, release the club face, (by using soft grip pressure), in order to shut the club’s face at impact, so that the face is aimed to the left of the target. This is known as “path to the right – face to the left.” Do not force the shot, use soft grip pressure, loose muscles and good tempo! That’s how you draw the ball! Now, send me an email if you have any questions: [email protected] Enjoy!