How to play in the wind

First of all, be patient. You have to take what the weather gives you. Realize that everyone is playing in the same conditions as you. Those who are patient and calm and think there way around will do fine. An example of this hitting a tee shot into the wind. Every ounce of you is going to want to crush it harder to offset the wind. That is a bad idea because swinging harder you curve it more. Wind just makes curves worse. Realize that you will have a longer approach shot and embrace it.

Second, lets talk about full swing. The biggest factor that will affect your game in the wind is SPIN. The harder you hit it, the more spin you create. The more spin you create, the higher the ball goes and the more it curves. To fix this, you should master a ¾ length swing and take more club. A ¾ 6 iron could go as far as a full 9 iron and go much lower. A ¾ swing for most is when your lead arm stops at parallel to the ground in the backswing. Any higher and you will get closer to full distance.

Third, lets talk about putting. Higher winds can affect your chips and putts, but only at the highest levels. If you are an average, 90s shooter, don’t worry about wind and the line. Make your stance a little wider so your don’t get wobbly and focus on speed. When it comes to chipping, chipping into the wind will reduce your roll out and chipping downwind will add to your rollout.