If you aren't nervous on the first tee you don't care

I’ll never forget watching an interview with Tiger Woods when he was asked if he still gets nervous playing golf. He immediately responded “If you are not nervous on the first tee you don’t care.” He went on to say he hopes he never loses that feeling because he then would know his time is up. If arguably the best player of all time is nervous it’s safe to say the rest of us will be too. While there is no way to completely eliminate nerves experience helps as well as a positive warm up session. Pick the shot you are going to hit off the first tee and hit it on the range a couple of time to get as comfortable as possible. Sick to what you know works and trust it. The first swing of the day doesn’t have to be a driver. If you are more comfortable with your 3 wood go with it. Getting off to a positive start with a shot in the fairway should always be the goal!