In order to control your ball flight, you must first learn to control your body!

When working with my students and clients it’s important to me that I share and teach what I’m working on for my own golf improvements. Golf fitness is designed for golf performance, and although we are all very different with a myriad of body types, swing flaws and levels of physical abilities, we all abide by exactly the same rules of physics.

The simple explanation I often use demonstrates how we utilize two arms, two legs and one spine to swing the golf club. This explanation leads us to discuss the physics and geometry of the golf swing of which there are several components we all have to apply. This example and explanation would also show how we all bend, twist, push and pull on muscles and joints in order to create energy to cause these physical movements to occur. There’s a ton of physics and biomechanics taking place in order to hit a golf ball with a planned and desired trajectory in mind.

Moving closer to our topic of fitness I also repeatedly say to my students and clients, “ in order to control your ball flight, you must first learn to control your body “. The golf club after all cannot swing itself, this may seem silly but it is my strong belief that many golfers and teaching professionals take mobility, stability and physical ability for granted. How many first time golf lessons begin with a physical assessment diving into the reality of why or why not can this student place the club in the desired position and stabilize the myriad of joint functions involved. I would bet not many lessons begin in this way, or looking into what’s absolutely essential for a student to physically learn how to swing a club on the correct plane and path. The days of , “do whatever you need to do in order to square club face at impact”, aren’t entirely over. Unfortunately teaching golf by theory alone is still the most popular approach today.

Many swing flaws are actually created by physical inabilities and no amount of golf theory can change that. However training to improve your mobility, stability and physical abilities will greatly enhance the time spent with your teaching professional.