Inexperienced players, chip and run shot for more fun!

I can’t emphasize enough that amateur golfers get the ball on the ground, and rolling like a putt as soon as possible. Your feel for distance is based mostly on how a ball will roll out.

It takes a long time to develop the skill and confidence to manage a sand wedge consistently around the greens.

I recommend that you work hard to master the lofted clubs and use them when necessary. But until that time, have a stock chip and run type of shot with a 7,8 or 9 iron that you can count on. These shots are simply easier to hit solid and have consistent performance early in your golf career. Choose an easier shot whenever possible. It ain’t fashion, it’s function. Make good decisions and eliminate those 6,7,s, and 8s on your card that are a result or bladed and chunked wedges!!!!!