It starts from 15 yards off the front of the green

Green reading is an art and it starts before you stand on the surface of the green. If you are riding in a cart and approach the green from the side where the cart path takes you then you are dong yourself a disservice. Try walking to the green from the front and take notice of the topography of the green as you approach it. You just started ‘reading a green’. Notice the slopes and color changes (as this tell you about the grain of the grass) which has an impact on the roll of the putt.

Once you are on the surface of the green, feel the slope in your feet and look at your putt from both sides of the ball. I like to walk 360 degrees around the putt so my brain can calculate the slope. Remember this in order:

1st: Calculate the length of the putt by pacing it off. Each step is approximately 3 feet.
2nd: Find out if your putt is up or down hill.
3rd: Pick a spot about 2 feet in front of the ball to determine your starting point.
4th: Set up, aim at your spot and pull the trigger.
5th: If you make the putt, great! If you don’t, give yourself the data, like you hit the putt 3 feet by the hole and don’t react.
Rinse, wash, repeat.

Keep it simple and remember to stay as still as you can while you are stroking the putt. I like to keep my thighs as quiet as possible when I putt as this will give you the best chance of keeping the blade square at impact. Play well and sink more putts. Good luck to all!!