It's all about timing and balance, get LEFT!!!

This one is real simple. Get onto your left side at impact, ( forward foot, right side for lefties), and the club will follow with a descending strike! If the sequence and timing are such, that the player is leading with a weight shift, or a lower-body move toward the target, the path of the club will be naturally downward, resulting in a solid ball- first blow, and divot to follow. This is the essence and basic timing for good ball striking. I don’t like or use the term “hit down: , as it implies to the novice to overuse the hands and arms to accelerate the club or “force” the shot. We should always think of timing and swinging the club toward a firm and stable front foot. A simple drill to experience the feel the proper impact sensation is to simply pre-set or plant 95% of your weight on the forward foot, and hit some smooth and easy 35 yard shots. In general, this is what all great ball strikers do!