It’s Great to Rotate

An athletic golf swing needs rotation. But it’s important also to understand a functional way to turn. First, build a wide base, with a wide stance. Second, as you swing back, start loading as much weight as you can on your back foot. Make sure that you feel your hips turn as you keep your knees flexed. Slowly turn your back and your hips at the same time. And here’s the most important thing: stop your backswing at a three-quarter position. Keep your lead arm straight. Feel like you have turned your back and butt away from the target and stop short of parallel. You should be able to lift your front foot off the ground, because you have turned, loaded all of your weight on your back foot and have stopped your backswing at a three-quarter position! Now you are effectively coiled up! Now you have rotated! And, now you have loaded your weight properly. Simply swing down and through! Feel like you are uncoiling like a twisted spring! Let it go! Be graceful and finish high!