Junior Golf: Keep it Simple

It is extremely important to keep junior golf fun, safe, and engaging. When creating a junior golf environment, use props. The putting green is a great example. A few tees, some string, and creativity can go along way in getting kids excited about the game of golf.
The next time you create a fun environment for junior golfers, use six tees and set them up like bowling pins. Then, place golf balls on top of them and have the juniors try and putt the golf ball to the tees and bump off the golf balls. This helps them learn about pace, line, and how to set up properly to putts.
Secondly, use string to “draw” a ladder on the green. The juniors will then try and have their golf ball land in one of the rungs of the ladder. Have them try and hit every putt into each one of the rungs.
Lastly, place a line using string. The juniors will then line up on either side of the string and try and putt as close as they can to the line. The player who putts the closest wins.
Keep it fun, keep it safe, keep it engaging.