Know Your Limitations.

When it comes to escaping deep rough (or even any bad lie for that matter), it’s good (especially for amateurs) to always remember this one really important piece of advice. That is, the worse the lie the more the loft. In other words, the worse your lie is, you should pick a more and more lofted club to hit in accordance with just how bad the lie is. So, a lot of times (even if you’re 150 yards or further from the hole) you may just have to pick a more lofted club than you’d normally hit and just lay it up down the fairway (as far as is feasible) to maybe try to make a par the hard way. More times than not, this strategy will take the big numbers out of play and (only if you’re a halfway decent player) a lot of times you can escape this situation with just bogies and pars. The danger of bad lies from a longer distance is when you try to hit the hero shot and go for the green when the lie is just way too bad to do so.