Lean into it!

Hitting short shots around the green on an uphill lie can be tricky to get the distance right for some players. Because we generally try to get our shoulders parallel to the slope of the ground on most swings, this is what most people do with this particular shot. so for a right handed player most people will have their left shoulder much higher than their right and try to swing up the slope of the ground. This can cause many problems including but not limited to hitting the ground first, because it’s a short shot many will decelerate and unhinge club to soon causing thin shots and even going completely under the ball.

Fix: Set up with most of your weight on the front foot and the ball slightly back in your stance, Keep your shoulders level and take shallow back swing. You wan to feel like you are leaning into the hill. With a lofted club swing the club more into the hill. Straight back straight through. this will pop the ball out and allow it to land softly on the green. Practice this a few times before trying on a course.