Leap Frog

I like to put my students through a drill that I call “Leap Frog”. To set the drill up you will need two tees, five golf balls, 20-50 feet of putting green, and a desire to become a better two putter. Take two paces from the edge of the finger in the direction that you’ll be putting from, place one tee into the green at this point. Then, pace another 8 paces (approximately 25 feet) and place the second tee. Now that you have your tees in place, you are going to make your first putt from the tee that is 8 paces away from the first tee that you put down and ten paces from the fringe. Your goal is to get your first ball to stop past the tee near the fringe without it rolling on to the fringe, your next putt must stop between your first putt and the fringe, you continue until you have “leap frogged” each ball between the first tee and the fringe. If at any point you come up short of the previous putt, rake the balls back and start over. If you want a challenge, give yourself less room between the first tee and the fringe. Good luck!