Learn Distance Control

Most three-putts occurs because of poor speed: a golfer leaves a putt well short or blasts it well past the hole. You’ve heard the advice to “not decel on it” but I’m here to tell you that’s WRONG. The best putters OFTEN DECEL their putts… and it’s a big part of why they’re so good at controlling their distances.

DO NOT ACCELERATE your putter through the putt. This is the single biggest issue with golfers on the putting green: they have poor distance control because they fail to control the speed of the putter head. And how could they when they’re taking 10″ long backswings to send the ball 35 feet?


Learn to make a backswing that’s about as long as the follow-through, and has the same rhythm regardless of the length of the putt (outside of about 8 feet), and you’ll learn how to control your distance.