Learn the fundamentals and make your own personal swing

I have studied thousands of swings over the 22 years. I realize that they are ALL different, yet effective in their own way. I don’t believe that amateurs should emulate any tour player. Do you think Nicklaus, Hogan, Snead, Trevino, Besselink, Jones, Palmer, Floyd, Casper, Darcy, Wolff, Furyk or any other great player that figured out a system emulated someone that had a swing like theirs?! Absolutely not!!! They figured it out. They dug it out of the dirt, did research, and learned to trust it. They made (and in some cases, are still making) wonderful careers out of what they call their own. They weren’t like these Trackman jockeys that are addicted to their numbers and constantly worried about how their swings look. They learned how to transfer a thought to a feel to achieve the outcome they desired. They had faith in their system and refused to let anyone change it. We need more of that in today’s world. Too many gurus and tech junkies ruining natural players that already have the talent, drive, and determination to make it without those clowns.

As a teacher and a coach, I believe in teaching the basic fundamentals and helping a player to understand the sequence and dynamics of a great golf swing. But I will not correct a player if they have a quirky swing that is consistently producing power and accuracy. I believe their is an infinite number of styles to be effective. I don’t recommend any player emulate anyone but the player they see in the mirror each day. They have to believe in THEIR talent, not covet someone else’s talent.

If you want to emulate ANYTHING from these players I listed or any other top player, let it be their minds. How they played the game, not how they swung a club.