Learn to maintain your grips, and change them as needed.

When it comes to managing your grips, the Manufacturers probably won’t like my answer! Learn to maintain your grips, and change them as needed. Frequency of play and practice is the main factor. Get in the habit of washing them regularly with warm soapy water (for conventional composite /and rubber grips) and spray them with Windex glass cleaner to keep them tacky. For soft, and Winn style grips, which show wear and pressure marks faster, wipe them down with a lightly dampened towel.

We tend to use certain clubs more than others, therefore, some become worn slick and show deep pressure marks sooner. In this case, if the rest are well maintained, you only need to replace a few. The bottom line is: take care of them and be aware of their condition. Self- sponsored Golf Pros like me on a budget know the importance of good grips and have learned how to manage them. Even though I get my grips for free now. (thank you Golf Pride and Don Martin Co.) I still do these things.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I carry a sheet of 80 grit sandpaper in my bag and check my grips during my warm-up. If there is an issue and I don’t like the feel of a club, (usually my 56, my driver or 7 iron, which are frequently used) I sand them lightly, wipe ’em down with my damp golf towel, and they feel like new.!

I am not telling you to be cheap. It’s just that 10 bucks is ten bucks. These tips will keep your grips feeling fresh, save at least one grip set change per season, and good feeling grips will definitely allow you to play better.

If money is not an issue, and you are on tour or a high-level player, disregard everything I said and have someone change them out every other week.

Great feeling grips are a must for great performance!!

Play well, have fun.