Mentors Are A Must

I have had a few mentors at various stages of my career as a PGA Professional.

My very first mentor was Bob Jones/PGA Professional at Minerva Lake Golf Club. He inspired me to become a PGA Professional. He made this profession look fun!

My next set of mentors were Brian Larson, Rocky Miller and JR Ables. These guys took me on and shaped me as a very young professional.

I have also been mentored by Jim Flick/Mike Malaska and Jimmy Ballard. You might say that I have come full circle on my views/philosophies of the golf swing.

My greatest mentor as a PGA Professional has been Larry Dornisch, Director of Golf, Muirfield Village Golf Club. Larry has been the best mentor as he has always been very honest and straight forward with me in my career. Larry is the VERY BEST in the business of golf and being a PGA Professional.

My advice to any young professionals coming through the ranks would be to seek out the very best professionals and work for them even if they are not easy to work for at times. You want people that will be honest with you and challenge you to become your very best…not just people that will tell you what you want to hear or agree with you all of the time. These mentors will become your support/networking system as nobody can do this journey alone.