Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Luckily I live in Southern California where we don’t have to worry about a “off-season.” However, I do advise students on how to keep there game sharp during the busy holidays when they don’t have time to practice or play. The same indoor practice routine would apply to areas of the country where they are shut down due to winter weather. I will quote Homer Kelly who wrote The Golfing Machine. As most teachers are aware The Golfing Machine is based on physics, math and the anatomy. It is the basis for Bryson DeChambeau’s scientific approach to his game. Homer Kelly suggests that learners should never trust feel alone. He said to watch closely- to “look, look, look,” and notice every detectable and distinguishable “feel.” Kelly said, “I suggest using mirrors. The single most important step you can make to improve your game, in my opinion, is to watch yourself in a mirror and look and learn sound adjustments. “Thousands of man hours are lost when effort is substituted for sound technique-trying to eliminate the effect instead of the cause, will not lead to progress.”

I have always believed that the best indoor practice one can do is to work in front of a mirror from face on and down the line. Then you can actually see what is happening, then attach a feel to what you are doing. I ask my students all the time, “what is always attached to the walls in a dance studio?” Besides the stretching bars there are always mirrors on the walls. Dancers are always looking at what they are doing, especially if they are learning a new dance routine. Most recreational golfers have to learn new feels and those positions will feel odd. Once they get used to practicing in front of a mirror they will see that the odd feels produce really sound looking positions. Lastly, this is not only a great way to practice when you are stuck inside but this is something golfers should do throughout the year.