My favorite trip is the one that started when I took up this game

Sitting in my cottage at Arcadia Bluffs and very funny I was just thinking about your question before I saw your email. Here on my Sons Bachelor Party for his wedding this summer. My thoughts on the drive here is how lucky we are as golfers. We not only get to go to great and beautiful places but we get be a part of them and enjoy them. Some of the most magnificent temples of golf were built on the most beautiful places on earth. We are not flying to some corner of the earth to just look at it and then leave such as a the Grand Canyon , but we get to climb it. We don’t fly all night spend our dollars to go to Rome to look at some beautiful Church, take a couple pictures and then leave,but we get to give the mass. We don’t fly across country to watch some beautiful horse run a race and leave,we get to ride the horse, we get to drive the race car, we get to paint the chapel, we get to drive the yacht, we don’t just look at the waterfall we get to go over it. We are so fortunate that golf courses are built on some of the most beautiful places in the world and we get to walk them play and compete on them. The crowds walking St Andrews on Sunday when it becomes a park for a day never come close to the experience we get when we play it. Or those who choose to walk along Pebble Beach and think the are experiencing something fantastic, they have no idea what they are missing, you want to really enjoy Pebble play it! You can take a photo of the cliffs at Pebble or you can hit a shot over them for a feeling like no other. You can challenge your mind body and soul in some yoga class in tights in some hot dark room or you can play 18 holes for 4 hours next to a ocean a mountain a river or in a valley, see how your mind handles that one. Here at Arcadia the non golfers come from all over at dusk to set in the Adirondack chairs order some wine and watch the sunset. When we just spent 4 hours out there with the same view, playing a game we love competing with our friends in a match! Enjoy your wine! So my answer to your question is this. My favorite trip is the one that started when I took up this game and will end when my golf is over. It is the greatest trip you can ever take. Those unfortunate who travel the World to look at stuff and don’t play this game will never ever know what a great trip really is. I will never feel sorry for them because they never understood how this game can move you or never had skill or the moxie to take it up. Their bad decision left them walking the beach, taking photos of Swilken bridge,sipping their wine and looking at the ones who made the right one.