Never 3-Putt Again

Need help with eliminating those nasty 3-Putts? This quick tip will help you immediately reduce putts per round by helping you with your speed control. You’ll need five golf balls, a putter, and a surface to putt on.

Line up to your first golf ball, and don’t take any aim. Don’t even aim at a target, just putt. It doesn’t matter the length of the putt on your first putt, but where did it go? Did it go 15 feet, 20 fee, or 30 feet. Now, on your second putt, hit it half the distance. For instance, if your first golf ball went 30 feet, make the second putt stop at 15 feet. With your third ball, hit it half the distance of your second putt. In this case, about 7-8 feet. Now make the fourth ball land half that distance – 4 feet. Guess where the fifth ball is going to stop? You guessed it; 2 feet.

Now can you do it in reverse? Hit the first golf ball 2 feet, and exponentially increase your distances. This will allow you to garner distance control and eliminate those nasty 3-putts. Have fun, play well, and enjoy yourself on the golf course!

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