Not just length, but sand conditions

The length of shot is easiest to change by using different lofted clubs. Anything over 35-40 yards I begin to play with less lofted clubs. I go so far as to play a standard bunker style shot with an 8 iron from 70 yards or so. I was fortunate to spend time with Tom Kite when I was trying to play for a living and he suggested the technique. With just a little practice I learned to play explosion shots with 8, 9, and PW to cover distances beyond my SW lengths.

But this is the tip of the iceberg! From course to course and sometimes from bunker to bunker on the same course, the depth and consistency of the sand changes the club of choice. Deep powdery sand requires a more open face to expose the bounce and a more shallow swing angle, which may cause a club change. Where a bunker with minimal sand will sometimes cause a need to play from a squarer face on a club with less bounce.

It is essential, just as in any area of the shortgame to become artistic, and not get stuck using one club or one technique. Think outside your normal box and grow your game!