I’ve been fitting golf clubs for over 25 years. My experience has shown that anytime you are investing in 1 club, or a set of clubs, it’s absolutely in your best interest to be fit for the club your purchasing.

Hey, I get it, fitting is more time and possibly more investment into just 1 club. But why would you use a club if it did not fit you? Doing so is like wearing a pair of pants that are way too small or way too big for you. The difference is golf clubs have such smaller level of tolerances than wearing a 32 inch waste pant versus say a 36 inch waste. You can tell the difference in the pants. Can you, the amateur golfer, really know the difference between a 2 degree upright iron and a 1/2 standard lie iron? Can you really tell the difference in your spin rate between a driver set at 8 degrees and one that is set at 9 degrees?

Take the extra time to get fit. It’s worth it. And if you are going to invest a sizeable amount of money in a new driver or set of clubs, why not hire the services of an expert fitter to insure the golf clubs you’re investing in fit you properly?