Off season training

Yes it is that time of year again. You can definitely try to keep your game sharp during the off season. Here are a few things you can work on.

Short putting-most people can find a carpet with decent speed or you can purchase a putting mat. It’s a great time of year to firm up your five footers.

Flexibility-You don’t need to start a hot yoga class, but there are plenty of stretching exercises that you can do at home. As we age flexibility in the shoulders and hamstrings definitely seem harder to maintain.

Foot work/Lower body movement-This is one of the most common problems I see, poor lower body movement. It is a great time of the year to work on your balance and to especially work on your transition from backswing to forward swing.

Practice swings- I’m a big believer in getting 75 to 100 practice swings a day. It is a great way to work on your tempo, balance and sequencing. It’s also a great way to focus on swinging the club versus hitting the ball.

Speed training-Super Speed Golf has a great training program to help increase club head speed. If you have room to make full swings with a full length club I definitely recommend giving this program a try.