Old Guys Warm-up

As I age, my warm-up routine has changed. I no longer can tee it up can go “Trunk to Tee!” So my warm-up depends on what time of day I’m playing… Morning rounds are very different than afternoon rounds.

If I have a 7:30-8am tee time I’m going to begin my physical warm-up when I wake up. Many various stretches (always harder in the AM than the PM), back stretches specifically, sit-ups, push ups, anything to get my blood moving. This is all prior to getting to the golf course. When I get to the course, I will take some time to rotate with a couple of clubs in my hand… back ‘n forth swings, stretch again. Hitting a few balls with every other club (could be even #’s or odd #’s) starting with my PW and work up the bag.

For a quicker warm up, I will take my PW, 7 iron, 4 hybrid, and driver. Hit a few balls with each club working from the PW to the Driver. Then hit 1 driver, 1 hybrid, 1 7 iron then 1 PW. Whatever club I feel I will be hitting off the 1st tee is the club I’m going to finish with before moving to the chipping & putting green.

If time allows (or if available), I will chip and pitch from various spots of the short game area. Getting a good feel of the run out of each shot. Moving to the putting green, I will always take 3 balls with me. Start with mid range and longer putts to gauge the speed of the greens then work 3-4 footers before moving to the 1st tee.