Own the bump and run!

I cannot overstate how important it is to have a go-to chip-and – run shot for players of all levels.

New players would likely shoot scores of 5 to 10 shots lower if you took that wedge out of their hands until they learn how to use it, and have the confidence and the experience to execute from the appropriate position.

Most great short game masters focus on getting the ball on the green and rolling out like a putt as soon as possible. Our “FEEL” is generally based on how a ball rolls out on a green, Yes, we do develop the FEEL of how far to fly the ball, but that feel is to get the ball to a spot on the green, where you can count on it rolling out to the cup.

Start out developing and practicing a standard chip and run with an 8 iron. Just chip it to the first portion, just on, or ¼ of the green and watch it roll out. Also, and have a go- to 56 degree wedge shot that you can count on when needed over a bunker or an obstacle.

These two shots are the basic tools you need to manage your game around the green.

If you are a numbers gal or guy, test yourself, find out for yourself which is the most effective.

Hit ten shots with a wedge, from 80 feet from the hole, and ten feet off of the green (70 feet of green to work with). Total up the distance of all of the balls. IE 100 ft total, 10 ft average).

Next after practicing and leaning your feel for the chip and run, do the same with an 8 iron. I will bet $50 bucks on ANY Player that the chip and run total will be significantly less, and there will be 0 bad miss-hits that result in big numbers on the course! Any one want a piece of me on this?

Point is, Its a much easier shot to hit. Easier to manage, resulting in a much more solid game!

Finally, if you are pig headed and still don’t see the light, do the same exercise off of tight sandy lies, and Ill double the wager to $100 dollars!

I prefer that the student think of the shot as a much more reliable , consistent and easier to execute low trajectory shot that you can count on rolling out to the hole. Remember , trial , error and experience is always your best teacher, explore the game this way , learn your tendencies ,and build confidence in yourself!