Pace of play is an issue that comes up at all levels of play.

Pace of play is an issue that comes up at all levels of play. Excuses we often hear is “it’s not me, it’s the other guys in the group” or “I stink at golf and hit a lot of shots” plus a plethora of other excuses. We are all responsible for playing at an appropriate pace. 18 holes should not take more than 4 hours and 15 minutes and 9 holes should take just over 2 hours. The easiest way to play at a good pace is to play “Ready Golf”.

When it is your turn to play be ready to hit. If you notice a player in your group is still looking for their ball, hit your shot and then go and help find the ball. It may not seem like a lot at the time, but if everyone does this over an entire round, that can shave a significant amount of time off the round.

Sure we all enjoy being out with our friends and telling stories, but be sure to not delay play by finishing telling your story before hitting your shot.

If you are playing in a cart and it is possible, drop player 1 off at his/her ball, once he/she has the club(s) he/she needs and then drive over to player 2’s ball. Don’t wait for player 1 to hit and then drive over to the other players ball.

On the putting green, be sure to read your putt with the others in your group are putting. Don’t wait for your turn to read your putt.

Be aware of your position on the course. Your position is with the group in front of you, not behind. Chances are, if you are not waiting on a group in from of you, then chances are the group behind is waiting on you!

We all want to enjoy a round of golf with our friends and the course we are playing. Help everyone enjoy the experience as best possible by playing ready golf!