Patience and solid contact

Having spent 3 summers as the Teaching Professional at Sankaty Head Golf Club on Nantucket Island has given me vast experience playing in the wind. Nearly every day the wind would blow 30 MPH. It was more common to se 50 MPH than below 20 MPH.

The most important thing in my opinion is center face contact. Balls struck solidly tend to pierce through the wind. Miss hits really get eaten alive!

Obviously a lower ball flight is preferable but I see a lot of poor attempts to hit low shots. I would rather see a player use plenary of club and swing at a slower pace than try to manufacture a different swing. Tom Watson won multiple Open Championships employing this method rather than changing his swing.

A good rule of thumb is into the wind 10 MPH means one more club and down wind 1/2 a club. Also generally swinging softer into the wind lowers spin and ball flight while down wind swinging hard will keep the ball in the air by increasing spin. I see players swing hard into the wind and hit spinning up shooters then swing easy downwind and the ball falls out of the sky.

Finally, be patient. You are gonna get beaten up. Accept it and move on. Bogeys are much better than doubles or worse!