Perfect 14 Club Equipment Golf Set

This question for the perfect 14 club set is very open ended for most golfers, because your clubs have to match the player. Case in point is a recreational golfer vs competition golfer. Both love the game. Both have different skills and priorities on the golf course. The recreational golfer has been told in the golf media to get more distance with each club. The competition golfer knows exact distances for all thirteen full, half and quarter swings. The Fourteenth club in players bags is the putter which is only professional fit for 6% of American Players. The putter is used 40% on average of the total stroke total on a scorecard. As a PGA Professional Club Fitter for the Recreational Golfer that gets professionally fit for equipment. They actually improves sooner on scorecard then the competition golfer. This is the real answer for your perfect 14 club equipment set.