Play YOUR OWN Game

Unless you are a very low single digit handicap (3-below) amateurs have ZERO business shaping a shot! Everyone has a shot they normally hit–straight, fade, slice, draw, etc. HIT YOUR SHOT. If you’re a right handed drawer and there’s a back right hole location–instead of trying to be Mr. Hero and hit a cut–go ahead and hit YOUR shot into the middle of the green and try to make a long putt. About 95% of the time that attempted cut will be worse off than the draw 20-25′ left of the hole. You’ll miss the green right, short siding yourself and have no chance to get it up and down.

The golf ball doesn’t spin as much as it used to–therefore its harder to maneuver than the old wound balls and amateurs swings are not good enough to be able to hit a “shot” on command.

Play your game, hit your shot and be satisfied with a putt from the middle of the green.