Positive Vibes Only

This is the time to really get to know your students on a personal level. What things they are interested in can help you as an instructor. For example, if their favorite golfer is Bubba Watson, their favorite show is American Horror Stories, and their favorite club is a 1-iron; this student probably does not want to hit the same 7-iron for 25 consecutive swings at the same target during a lesson. This student may want variety and have a very creative way of approaching golf. Or maybe this student needs help narrowing in on their goals and need you to assist in setting some parameters for them. I am a big believer in the relationship we have with our golf students goes beyond just improving their backswing and ball flight. There is a trust and comfortability that we cannot take for granted as teachers.

This is also the time to get creative with our instructions/connection to our golfers. We all know plenty of drills and things golfers can do at home to stay engaged in the sport of golf. The one aspect that all golfers can do during this bizarre time of quarantine is practice their short games… Send them some ideas of how to accomplish some solid short game practice at home. This will only strengthen your teacher/student relationship and get them even more excited to take more lessons from you in the future.

Positive Vibes Only – this has been my mantra for a long time and it especially applies today. During times likes these, we all should appreciate the beautiful game of golf and what it brings to our lives. Invest in your students now and it will come back to you tenfold…

Cheers everyone.