Practice and a Game Plan

I think all golfers from beginners to tour players all have some nerves on the first tee. The best way to conquer those nerves and fears is to have a Practice tee session prior to getting to the first tee. Hit at least 20 full shots or enough to understand what your ball flight will be for the day. Then visualize the first hole and the shot that best fits your swing for the day to have the best result. Try to hit that first tee shot on the range with your last two balls. If the first one is good and what you hope for then move to the first tee.

I also think it is important that golfers understand that all golfers have first tee nerves and most other golfers around the first tee are not really paying as much attention to you as you likely think. But a brief practice session with a clear game plan for your first tee shot will help with the nerves.