Practice isn't about quantity, it's about quality.

DON’T BUY THE LARGEST BUCKET OF BALLS AND BLAST THEM ALL OVER THE PLACE! I like to remind my students that practice isn’t about quantity, it’ about quality. If you are really trying to improve your golf game you need to be focused on your weaknesses when you head to the practice tee. While playing rounds of golf keep track of your stats, and take mental notes of your misses. Most of my students I have turned on to Arccos golf which tracks all their data for them and allows me to track their progress.

After you have collected this data and then come up with a plan for the practice session make sure to stay focused throughout each shot. I encourage students to practice like they play and make numerous rehearsal(practice) swings before hitting a golf shot. Our brains capture a ton of information from rehearsal swings and are able to translate that into better motions when over a golf ball.

We all want to improve, so slow it down, set your intention for your practice and stick to it. I promise you if you hit less balls, make more rehearsal swings and have more focus over each shot you will improve.