Practice Like You Play


Ladder Game

Putt golf balls from 10, 20, 30 and 40 feet from a hole. You must 2 putt or better to advance to the longer putt. Any 3 putts and you must start over. Putt until holing 100 feet of putts. The better you putt the faster you can climb the ladder.


Practice Up and Downs

Start 5 yards off the putting green and chip a ball onto the green and then putt it in the hole. If you score a 2 (up and down) or a 1, chip from 10 yards off the green. Then 15 yards, then 20 etc. 15-30 minutes of up and down practice will probe very helpful.

Golf swing

Start with the Grip

Ball Flight Law – All shots start in the direction of the club face at impact. The hands control the face.

Leap Frog Game

Place your hands on the club. Make a short swing to play a 5 yard shot. If the ball goes perfectly straight and in the air, hold the club exactly the same and make a swing that will cause the ball to fly a few yards further than the preceding shot. Repeat this process until you can play 5 shots in a row that all fly straight. Everybody wants consistency. When things are consistent, they are exactly the same. When a golfer learns how to hold the club in order to hit consistently straight shots, that is a breakthrough!