Pre Shot Routine! Pre Shot Routine! Pre Shot Routine!

Yes, having a sound and efficient pre shot routine that is simple and easy to repeat is so important, especially to also find the proper full swing address position. Any golfer (on the course) should always approach any shot (not just full swings) from directly behind the ball (with my three step process): Pick your spot! See the shot and Pre Shot Routine.

The first two steps happen from behind the ball (staring down the target line). Pick a spot (maybe even far in the distance) where you want to aim your shot (a tree, a rock or whatever it may be). Always remember your spot and then See The (Your Best) Shot, Visualizing It In Your Mind’s Eye. Then, start your pre shot routine by walking slowly into the ball, lining up your feet (and body line) with the spot you have picked. Then, (from there) know how many times feels comfortable to look at the ball and the target and exactly what you do in between! This is the best process for most amateurs (looking to score most consistently) and it’s to precisely repeat it for each shot!