Pre-shot Routine

For all golfers, from beginners and high-handicappers to low handicappers and professionals, developing a good and consistent pre-shot routine can eliminate unintended random shots.

Aim is the first step. If you aim well you are already halfway to a good shot. If you aim well you send a positive message to your brain that will satisfy the anxiety of your sub-conscious, enabling you to settle in for the swing you are about to make.

The second step is to position the ball properly in your stance for your intended shot. Both of these steps can be practiced when you are hitting balls on the driving range. Good players will practice a variety of shots on the range, ones they have encountered on the course and need to practice and new shots that increase your arsenal. Knowing how to move the ball in different directions and controlling trajectory are two important elements for improving the quality of your golf game.

And finally confidence! Trust is a must or your game is a bust. If you believe you can hit a shot, you must trust yourself to hit that shot. Give yourself permission to be great and see what happens. Belief and confidence are as important to your golf game as relaxation and concentration. Remember that the straight shot comes from containment in thought. Relax and smile, it’s just a game. Good luck!