Priority #1

Without good alignment to your target, you can not expect to play great golf. Golf’s a target game, requiring your aim, then alignment, is spot on each and every shot.

To align properly, you must understand that you have to aim something first. That something is the leading edge of your golf club. No matter the club you choose, it has a leading edge. And the lading edge does just what its name implied, leads the club to the ball. The bottom of your club is the leading edge, and it should be 90° to your intended target line.

Hint – Aim the club to something approximately 1-2 feet in front of you. Not the intended target. It’s easier to aim to something closer than it is further away.

From there, you set up to the club. Its the club that hits the ball, not you. This is why aiming the club first is paramount to great golf shots. If you do this your body should be properly “aligned” to your target, with your feet being on a parallel line left of your intended target line (Parallel Right for the Left-Handed golfer). And all joints that have an angle in your set up, your knees, hips, and shoulders, should also be on the same parallel line to your target line.

Check out the 2 videos about aligning and how mathematically important it is to aim and align properly.