Putter Fitting

The best possible thing to do when finding a new putter is to get a putter fitting from a qualified professional with the right knowledge and tools to find the best putter for your game.

There are so many variables that can effect putter performance. The correct length and lie are important to get your eyes in the correct place to see your line. The shape and lines on your putter have an effect on helping you aim, making the putter appear more open or closed to your eyes. The grip and hosel type can effect face rotation and being able to start your ball on line. The weight, and where the weight is placed (in the head, above the hands, with the hands) can effect your ability to control distance consistently.

The putter is the one club you will use on almost every hole you ever play, and a five putt is just as important to your score as your tee shot, yet so many golfers just pick a putter off the shelf, roll a few balls and call it good.

Do yourself and your handicap a favor and get fit for your flatstick!