Putters are such an important instrument.

Putters are such an important instrument. Some things we just can’t compromise even though they “are all flat on the front.”

1. We have to be able to line in up and then roll the ball where we are aimed. Usually our eyes need to be above the target line or slightly inside to accomplish this.

2. Length and weight are important for distance control. Bad speed leads to misses on putts stroked on line and three putt greens.

3. Match the head design to your stroke (face-balanced versus arced strokes). Getting a fitting from a Professional will benefit you in this area.

The latest or newest putter trends aren’t always the best idea. If you are an excellent putter, why would you switch. My putter is a 21 year old BeCu Ping and at 51 years old I still get complimented on my stroke and putting. The ‘old friend’ is a large part of that success!!