Putting aids

Every year I get asked by a number of students, what putting aid(s) do you recommend? A couple of my favorites are: the Eye line Golf putting Mirror and the second is an alignment stick. The mirror is awesome for helping players get lined up and also understanding where their eyes and shoulders should be. It also helps with stroke length and path. This comes out many days and it is amazing how many other players that are on the putting green come over and ask about it. I have added a few new students over the years due to it.

The alignment stick is one I use with players of all ability but for beginners it is great for distance control. I have them start at 12 feet and slowly move back to 25 feet. If they can get comfortable “cozying” the ball to the alignment stick they will learn lag putting and it will help their scores go down.

Good luck to all players. Go see your PGA Golf Professional to make your game better.