Putting stroke and Right Putter

So what is the RIGHT Putter for me??? Over the 10 years the Mallet Style has grow the most in the golf Industry. So much so that about 75 to 80 percent of Tour Players us them. Putter to me are a personal thing, for example my wife and I use SeeMore Putters but she prefers a Mallet Style while I use a Blade style. Now come comes the Neck design (mid slant, Plummers neck, Center shaft and Single Bend). This can influence on our Style of Stroke. The length and and Lie Angle of Putter also Have a influence to, here are some examples ( I’m 34 inches, Tiger 35.25, Andy North 29 and etc). Just like anything else lets get fitted for the most important club in the bag. Fewer strokes lead to lower scores