Ready when the curtain goes up?

Are you ready when you step up to the ball?

Imagine when You are on that stage (first tee) the curtain goes up are you depending on Luck or do you have the feeling of certainty? Address is not a position, you should be moving all the time, there should be no absolute still time. Address is about getting comfortable having a platform a foundation from which to launch your ball, ever moving to create flow of movement.

I like to have players grade their rehearsal swing on a scale if 1 to. 10 if the rehearsal is low on grade like a 5 or 6 then you are in a failing grade and without a clear thought.

Like Jordan Spieth and De Chambeau who have multiple rehearsal swings until they reach a grade in their mind of 9 or 10 then they act on what they felt was the correct rehearsal, often but not always another 9 for the shot. Your goal is to get an 8 rehearsal and a 8 In the shot, it means you have a clear picture in your mind and executed the shot like you rehearsed. no one wants to fail when the curtain goes up. Knowing not hoping is the goal.